Moorhouse backs Ospreys and Route 77

Ospreys are proud to announce a premium partnership with one of Wales’ premier commercial insurance brokers, Moorhouse Group. Alongside taking pride of place on the reverse of our shirt, the partnership will see Moorhouse back Ospreys in the Community to deliver their Route 77 community initiative within rugby clubs.

Moorhouse and Ospreys’ shared vision, values, and missions to make a difference to Welsh business, investment, and opportunities, ­were a driving factor behind the partnership. Moorhouse has a passion for Welsh rugby at both regional and grassroots levels, and the alignment and opportunities to Ospreys further entrench the mutual benefits for both parties.   

The Welsh passion shared by both Ospreys and Moorhouse is a driving force behind their commitment to support local communities in new and innovative ways. Moorhouse identified the Route 77 initiative as an incredible community opportunity focused on getting more people involved in the sport we love. While Ospreys enhance talent on the rugby field through initiatives like Route 77, Moorhouse has a proven track record in developing skills in the financial sector. 

Tom Sloane, Community Foundation Manager for Ospreys in the Community, said: “Our Route 77 programme sees us travel through our regions and hold club nights at each of our region’s 77 clubs. We invite pupils from local schools and children from community groups to encourage new players to take up the sport.

“Then we take players, staff, and everything OitC to our community’s clubs to make the event one to remember. Before Covid we would see between 60-80 players take up the sport, which was a real boost for our local clubs. We’re hoping to see similar numbers as this year goes on. 

“We’ve covered 15 clubs already and over the next 3 years, we’re hoping to cover all the mini and junior clubs in our region. It’s great that organisations like Moorhouse are so passionate about giving back to our local communities and show so by sponsoring Route 77.”

Linda Haggett, Managing Director for Moorhouse, said: “From the very first meeting we had with Ospreys Management Team, we were blown away by their ambition and professionalism. We quickly identified them as a perfect partner for us at the Moorhouse Group. We are clearly businesses that want to make a difference, a great fit.

“One of the main factors for us was the opportunity to play a prominent part in the community initiative ‘Route 77’, working closely with the clubs and youths which form part of the region.

“We launched our own initiative, Moorhouse Making a Difference earlier in 2022 to help local charities and youth in the community. Being a large Welsh-based employer, this is something we are very proud of with large progression plans as we develop even further into workplace apprenticeship programmes. We are acutely aware of our social responsibilities and the chance to spread our good work with the Ospreys, through a larger community, was too good an opportunity for us to miss.

"We are looking forward to working with the full Team at the Ospreys  both in the community and  as their preferred commercial insurance provider."

Commercial Director, Anthony Cole-Johnson shared “from the day we met the team at Moorhouse, and learnt about their business, success, and ambitions to grow it was clear we had to find a way to work together.  By taking pride of place on our shirt as well as playing such an active role in our community programme cemented how our shared values and joint purposes could combine to support both the community and wider business ambitions.  On a personal level, it’s been inspiring spending time with the Moorhouse team, and learning how we can lay the foundations for a long-term partnership.  Welcome Moorhouse!”