A letter to all Ospreys fans from AUPA

When the Biarritz team came over for their fixture against the Ospreys in the H Cup, an intrepid band of around 14 came to support them, including Fred, the President of their supporters club.

The OSC then received a lovely email from them, which Caroline’s translated for you below. If anyone is interested in going to Biarritz for the return leg of the H Cup, it might persuade to you to book your trip – sounds like it will be fun!

Contact travel@ospreyssupportersclub.com to register your interest.


“Hello Caroline

I would like to thank you on behalf of Aupa BO supporters club and the supporters present at the Liberty Stadium. They were delighted by the welcome you gave them and very pleased to meet you. I would also like to thank you for the superb gift you gave us; we were very touched by it.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that we will be delighted to entertain you when you come to Biarritz next January. Once we know the date of the match, we would like to organise a meal in a cider house in Spain with the Welsh supporters as well as an evening in a pub where we usually organise events for supporters, the RED CAFÉ in Biarritz town centre. Also, if you are looking for a hotel, I would recommend the Gardenia Hotel (Avenue Carnot) which is near the town centre and is a partner hotel with our supporters club.

I really hope that this night out with our two supporters clubs in the cider house can happen. If you have any information on the exact date and time of the game, can you please let me know?

Once again, thank you for last weekend, let me know if the cider house meal appeals to you and if you know how many Welsh supporters will come over.

Thank you and speak to you soon

Fred (President of the Aupa B.O supporters club).”

There are photos of the Biarritz fans on their visit to Ospreylia on the OSC Facebook page, which you can see here...