At the JWC.....

An exclusive blog by young Osprey Will Taylor, part of the Wales U20 squad at the Junior World Championship.

This is my first blog so here we go.

I’m writing this after coming back from pool recovery the day after the Argentina game, with some serious lack of sleep due to my room mate Steven Shingler being the noisiest snorer I have ever experienced!

The boys sprit in camp is at a high after the bonus point win. That game was the first time I’ve ever scrummaged with 3 tight heads in the front row (Will-Griff coming on to play play 30 minutes at hooker for the first time ever!), and it was also the first time I’ve ever thrown a ball into a lineout. I can safely say I won’t be doing it again!

After playing against them last year and losing in the manner we did, on a personal note was an amazing feeling winning the match. Nipper was running the show, and it’s an amazing sight being a prop and seeing him run in a try from 40 metres out!

Eli was flying yet again and good to see him on the score sheet!
Since we’ve been out here the weather has been thunder storms and lightening, but the boys have found their ways of being entertained, including ping pong tournaments, with painful consequences for losing!
Also we’ve got a social commitee. There’s no swearing in the team room, Kirby owes 20 euros so far (surprise) and Speedos are compulsory in pool recovery sessions. Some of the boys arent happy with that (Sheppy, shape conscious!)
We’ve got great coaches here with Webby and Apps and now we’ve got to prepare physically and mentally for probably the biggest game of our lives v the All Blacks on Tuesday, and if we win that then who knows what the World Cup could bring to us!