Johnson disappointed with Ospreys application

Speaking after Friday evening's defeat to Leinster, Scott Johnson acknowledged that the Ospreys poor execution had proved costly.

He said:

“This week I think I’m more disappointed than last week, as much as last week really hurt us. I thought the effort was fantastic, it was A for effort. In execution, and option taking, you have to go to the other end of the alphabet to find that one out. That was what disappointed us most. We tried to do things, but we did it poorly. The one thing we can take out of it is the effort.

“You look at that game, and as much as Leinster did, and as well as they did, they’ve come away with the scoreboard, but I think that we lost that game ourselves. It’s great to have the endeavour to want to play the rugby, but some of the execution was disappointing. It’s not through lack of effort, if it was I’d be despondent. I’m just disappointed that we let ourselves down.

“We’re desperate for a win wherever we play, we’re desperate for a performance wherever player and clearly tonight’s performance wasn’t one that we wanted, or intended. We’ll take satisfaction from the ten minutes around half-time, it was a gutsy effort in anyone’s language against a quality side.

“We’ve got to be honest with ourselves, there’s nowhere else to look except the mirror, whether it’s the coaching team or the players. The reality is we let that game slip through some of our decision-making, and some of our skill. We are not going to sit here and pretend it didn’t happen, but we’ve got to seek solace in the fact that with effort and endeavour we’ll turn things around, especially with the players we’ve got.”