Johnno reflects on a Liberty Stadium bonus

Scott Johnson said he was happy with the result, if not the entire performance, after the Ospreys secured their first win of the new Magners League season.

Speaking to the media post-match, Johnno said:

“It’s one of those funny games. We’re happy with the end result, we are, but not happy with a lot of the process. But, I can understand the frustrations. I don’t think we’ve got clarity at the tackle contest. At the moment it’s a bit of hybrid. We’ve spent all the off-season trying to play to the new interpretation, and then it’s stop start, we don’t know what’s going on.

“It’s very frustrating. Not only for us and the opposition, but the officials too. We just need some clarity about how we’re going to play this. I think this lends itself to the stop-start affair.

“I was really glad that we came out after half-time and got the early tries, it took the pressure off us. We were getting frustrated in the first half, so it was a nice sign at the start of the second half that we could switch back on and get the job done that we came here to do. It was good to reward the fans who came out on a dreadful night to back us when they could have stayed home to watch it on the gogglebox with five points, we appreciate their backing. But, there’s still a bit to work on, and the tackle area is going to be the bane this year until we get some clarity.

“This week was refereed differently to last week. It’s the tackler, has he got right or hasn’t he? At the start of the season, we all got a clear mandate. We are coaching lads certain ways to do things, we’ve got to get some uniformity. I understand it’s the start of the season and everyone’s feeling their feet, including the officials, and I’m sure it’s frustrating for them, but it’s certainly frustrating for the players on both sides, and the coaches.

“We spoke before about the changes in the law interpretations, how it effects some people, positively and negatively, and the new scrum law about the back line being back 5m has really helped JT in that role. He certainly showed some positive signs.

“I love the fact, just like many years ago when the French came into the Five Nations as it was then, that we have the Italian sides in the Magners League. I think it’s a wonderful addition to the tournament, they can make massive strides at this level and internationally because of their introduction to this competition. I welcome them, I love the fact that in the Magners League we have differences. We have four countries now playing in it, and I think if you look at the French, you look at the English, they haven’t got those different philosophies, and that’s what I love about the Magners League and the introduction of the Italian sides.

“It all bodes well for the future, and I think Benetton Treviso will get a lot more than the one win in the season, so we’re quite glad that we’ve got it tonight and we’ll take the points while we can.”