Introducing Nick Revell...

All you need to know about newly appointed Director, Nick Revell.



With a background in business development and project management, Nick specialises in structure and corporate governance, and has managed business turn around’s and start-ups, achieving business of the year awards for growth and employment.

Having begun his career at BP, he also worked for Dow Corning before joining AMEC Oil & Gas, rising to the position of Head of Projects. In 2010 he established Ledwood as owner and Managing Director, delivering complex mechanical engineering projects globally from their base in Pembroke Dock.

“Naturally, I’m delighted to become a Director of Ospreys Rugby Limited” said Nick Revell.

“In recent months we have achieved significant progress towards putting a new strategy, structure and systems in place to ensure the sustainability and growth of the business. Whilst it is well recognised that there are significant challenges at all levels of Welsh rugby, being part of the most successful Welsh regional team is a great entry platform.

“Coming into rugby I thought that the games would be played on the field but my experience so far is that we’ve seen more action off it.

“I look forward to further engagement with key stakeholders to ensure that both the on field and off field performance yield the success that the Ospreys have previously achieved.”