Manufacturing wales

How Manufacturing Wales played a part in our new jersey

You may have noticed our recent kit is quite the eyecatcher, whether it’s the colour of the jersey or the change to the Philtronics logo.

Our new alternate kit contains colours from all our region’s 77 clubs, paying homage to our heritage and to the teams that have played a key role in developing our talent.

But something that you might not know much about is the reason for the Welsh themed colour change to the Philtronics logo on the front.

Our principal partner, Philtronics, are proud members of Manufacturing Wales who are an industry led membership group, by manufacturers for manufacturers.

The way we collaborate is what makes our partnership with Philtronics so powerful. During the design process, we began to notice a bunch of similarities between our vision and mission and Manufacturing Wales’ vision and mission.

One of the main things we noticed was our focus to grow and showcase Welsh talent, whether that was on the field or in the factory.

With such strong synergy between us, we decided it was only right to include a piece of Manufacturing Wales on our jersey, in the form of Welsh colours.

Heather Anstey-Myers, CEO for Manufacturing Wales said: “Working with Ospreys' sponsor Philtronics is a great example of how Manufacturing Wales supports manufacturers in Wales. Our network creates a space for manufacturers to share and solve problems, to find the right insight to inform their next moves.

“In working with the education sector, we help not only inform future skills needs for tomorrow, but also to meet our skills needs today, ensuring we create and keep great talent in Wales. Creating a strong manufacturing business and creating a strong rugby team requires preparation, passion, a strong drive, strategically planning ahead and complementary skill sets to create that competitive edge. Both Manufacturing Wales and the Ospreys do just that.”

Alongside Philtronics, Neath based The Safety Letterbox Company are a member of Manufacturing Wales.

Alison Orrells, CEO for The Safety Letterbox Company, and founding Board Member of Manufacturing Wales said: "Being in business with so many diverse challenges can be difficult,but having an organisation of like-minded and collaborative companies within Manufacturing Wales is an enabler to network and share ideas, initiatives, experiences and knowledge.

“With others facing similar situations with one common goal, we are able to help support each other within the manufacturing community to do good, learn from each other and make things happen. It also allows us to retain and create jobs, and to highlight all the great products designed and created here and to promote this sector within and outside Wales.”