Hook Authors new book

Ospreys legend, James Hook is looking forward to seeing his project hit the shelves in 2020, following an announcement on social media last year.

Since last year, I’ve been working with Dave Brayley on creating a story that will hopefully inspire young people to engage with both rugby and reading. They’re two subjects that are very important to me.”

Hook took inspiration from his own career to create a series of books aimed at the younger generation.

“We developed characters, scenarios and situations that are relevant to aspiring rugby players. While the storylines are fictional, I’ve also drawn on the experiences from my own rugby career and incorporated them into the stories.”

He added: “My idea was to create a character who the reader can follow on a journey. From picking up rugby in primary school all the way through to secondary education and beyond, and that’s where Jimmy the main character came from.”

“Jimmy will face plenty of ups and downs which is what I wanted to share with young readers. That rollercoaster he goes through teaches the importance of being resilient and how to cope with the setbacks as well as enjoying the successes.”

“I am hugely grateful to our literary agent David Luxton and Peter Burns, our publisher at Polaris, for believing in this project and I’m really excited at the prospect of seeing the books on the shelves in 2020!”

Published by Polaris Publishing and working alongside author Dave Brayley, Hook’s new series of books will be released in the New Year. Watch this space for more details and publication dates.