Hc Quarter Final Tickets - Sales Policy

Further to the release of tickets for our upcoming Heineken Cup Quarter Final against Munster on April 12th (1pm KO), we are happy to confirm that tickets will go on general sale as from 12pm today (Monday 9th March). Read more...

SALES POLICY FOR WEEK COMMENCING 9th MARCH, 2009 (UPDATED 14:00 9th March)  Further to a full 2 weeks of sale to season ticket holders & members, and then release of tickets for general sale, please understand that with immediate effect tickets will now ONLY be sold to either:
  1. Existing Season Ticket Holders & Members (with UK addresses) or...
  2. Customers with Local Postcode addresses (SA or CF postcodes)

Since release of tickets for general sale, the ticket office have been snowed under with a vast volume of calls from an array of various customers, the huge majority of which are NOT Ospreys supporters.  As Ospreys Rugby, we want to work diligently to eliminate any 'touting' of tickets for this match.  As such, the ticket office will no longer be accepting orders from 'supporters' either outside our region, or 'supporters' who aren't already existing members.

We are not necessarily putting a limit of the number of tickets per transaction, though we will be monitoring closely any requests exceeding 10 tickets. To ensure that we comply with ERC regulations on sales of tickets, both Ospreys Rugby & the Liberty Stadium Ticket Office reserve the right to refuse the sale of tickets if it's suspected that tickets are being purchased by supporters other than our own.  We request your understanding on this, so please be prepared to confirm the nature of your request if asked. SALES TO OVERSEAS SUPPORTERS (POSTED 27th FEBRUARY, BUT STILL VALID) Further to the release of tickets for our upcoming Heineken Cup Quarter Final against Munster on April 12th (1pm KO) and an inundation of membership applications from Irish addresses, please be advised of our new policy on membership applications.   From this point forward, as it would appear a number of Munster (or at least Irish) Rugby supporters are purchasing memberships as a means to secure tickets from our allocation, we are NOT accepting any membership applications from Irish addresses.  ERC regulations clearly dictate that we cannot 'actively market... the tickets to supporters of the home club.'  It appears that a number of Irish rugby supporters have used our membership benefits to secure tickets, and we are hereby closing this loophole in our policy to all applicants from Ireland addresses. Furthermore, any requests for further tickets from members who joined on or after January 24th 2009, will not be processed.  If you have secured membership after this date, Ospreys Rugby (and by extension, the Liberty Stadium Ticket Office) hereby reserve the right (to ensure we comply with ERC regulations) to refuse the sale of tickets for this fixture. TRAVEL PACKAGES - for more information on our official travel packages, please click here.