Habberfield helps ‘Perfect the Pass’

Tom Habberfield recently joined WRU Coach Development Officer for the region, Dan Owens, in a workshop for Ospreylian community club coaches.

In the latest of a series of events run by Owens, the scrum half helped deliver a special "Perfecting the Pass" session at Llandarcy.

Almost 60 community coaches and young players from across the region attended the workshop, the aim of which is to provide continued support to community coaches throughout Ospreylia, helping develop their knowledge and understanding of key technical  skills while discovering new coaching methods that will help them engage effectively with their players, whatever the level they coach at.

The “perfecting the pass" workshop focused practical demonstrations from Habberfield of activities and drills that that professional players utilise to grow their own experience and understanding. By breaking down the skills and activities into parts, coaches were taught to focus on details in their own coaching practices and how they can then use that to encourage their players.

Each club coach brought with them a player from their club, allowing them to get ‘hands on’ and work practically during the evening rather than simply watching and taking notes.

Tom Habberfield said:

I think tonight’s event was a huge success. I could see a big improvement in the young players in just two hours and I believe this type of skill is vital for player development. Not only did it benefit the players, but it was an opportunity for the coaches to pick up some training tips from Dan Owens which they can now use with their young players and when they go back to their club.”