Grand Slam Concert

Following some misunderstanding regarding tickets for this event at the Millennium Stadium on May Bank Holiday, please read the below...

Following some disappointed people who have queued for tickets this morning, we'd like to bring some clarity to this situation.   As Ospreys, we were unaware that we had been allocated any tickets for this event until the morning it was announced both by the WRU and other media sources. Phone calls requesting tickets prompted us to investigate with the WRU (as it was the first we'd heard of it).  At this point, it appeared that we would be given an allocation of 40 tickets for the event, along with the other (241 total) clubs within Wales.  As a regional club we were simply listed with the other 3 regions and each of the 237 feeder clubs.   This number of 40 tickets have now already been allocated, as we didn't consider it feasible to make such a small number of tickets available to our supporters on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We understand that following a phone call to the WRU earlier this morning that this event is now sold out (9:30am, Friday 16th).

It's sometimes thought that as a region, we'd receive larger allocations of tickets for events or matches than 'feeder' clubs (and we can appreciate why some may think this). However, this is generally not the case. As happens with International Tickets, we receive an allocation SIMILAR to those of local clubs. In this specific situation, we have received the same number of tickets as each of the other clubs within Wales.  We appreciate your understanding, and extend our apologies to those who were misled to believe something contrary to the above.