Getting To Know The Team With Adam Jones &

Adam Jones and Jonathan Thomas let the supporters in to a few team secrets ...

Biggest Character?

JT- Ed is a larger than life character who's always up to tricks.

Worst dancers?

JT 'I'd say Cai, Ed, Tommy and Tom Smith. They all went to street dance lessons pre-season, but I think they were too muscle bound and failed miserably.

Who's the team 'Del Boy'?

JT 'That would have to be Huw Bennett. It's uncanny how alike they are, not only in personality but in stature as well. He always likes to get the best deals.

AJ 'And Ianto (Ian Evans) looks like Rodney Trotter!

Best Singer?

JT - Definitely Craig Mitchell.

AJ - We first heard him sing on the bus on our way home from the North Wales Npower renewables trip back in August. He was fantastic, a breath of fresh air.

Worst Singer

AJ- Definitely Alun Wyn Jones, he's got a tidyish voice but he only knows the first line of every song.

Biggest Poser?

JT 'Well that's easy, the 'fab four'. We'll let you work out who they are! (clue 'look for the orange tans!)

AJ - And you JT!

Congratulations to you both on playing over a 100 games for the Ospreys, how does it feel?

JT 'We've both come a long way, especially when I look back to when it all started. The first game we ever played together for Wales, having been playing together for the Ospreys was a memorable one. I was the skinny 20 year old and Bomb (Adam) was a chubby 21 year old prop and together we locked it out against Simon Shaw and Jason Leonard, remember Bomb?

AJ 'Yeah, we've come a long way. I think I speak for us both when I say that playing for the Ospreys is an honour and having now played over 100 games for the team, we've experienced the highs and lows of rugby, fortunately more highs than lows. It's a great team to play for, especially on days like today when we play in a local derby against the Scarlets. What better way is there to see out 2008, than playing a local derby game in front of a full Liberty stadium?

JT 'Yeah definitely! We really appreciate all the support from our fans and we hope you had a great Christmas and behalf of the whole squad we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year!