Full-back Fussell revelling in new position

After running in for his eighth try of the season during the bonus point win over Connacht, Richard Fussell revealed that his recent switch to full-back has been "like a new lease of life" for him.


Speaking shortly after the final whistle on Sunday, Fussell said:

“It’s been like a new lease of life for me. Things have been going well for me on the wing but I think switching to full-back has brought a new dimension to my game and I’m really enjoying myself there. The boys around me are quality players so they are making the job easier for me, but I’m really pleased with how it’s going there.

“I’ve always thought about playing full-back, but I’ve never really had a coach with enough confidence in me to give me that opportunity. Johnno believed in me to go out there and play my game, he’s given me the chance and luckily for me it seems to have paid off. I think I’ve done okay and taken my opportunity.

“I enjoyed the try. There was good movement all round to be honest, we’d been practicing moves like that all week and luckily it paid off for me. Moving from wing to full-back, you are running slightly different angles, but fortunately for me Sonny gave me a great pass and I was able to go under the sticks.

“It’s my eighth try of the season and fingers crossed I’ll get a few more over the next couple of months. Hopefully we can continue showing the form we have over the last month or so and keep getting the wins.

“It’s a bit strange at the moment, behind Sonny I’m the second oldest in that backline and I’m only 26. It’s a good thing for the Ospreys, with boys likes Tom Prydie, Hanno, Webby, Biggs and Ashley coming through, it shows that there is a very bright future for the region. It’s good to be around these boys as they are developing, as individuals and as a team.

“There’s a really good buzz about the place. What we are doing off the field is paying off on the field. We are getting that transfer from training onto the pitch and it’s working for us. It shows that if you have faith and commitment in the cause, and everyone buys into it, what the coaches want from us, then it will pay off.”