Eyasses defeated by strong Scarlets

The region's age grade side were convincingly beaten 35 - 10 in the second game of the season

Despite an impressive start to the season last week when theyoung Ospreys beat RGC by almost 30 points, they knew tonight's game would be a tougher challenge against a very strong side. With several injuries occurring during Sunday's game, they also faced the Scarlets with 7 changes to the starting XV.

The Scarlets showed just how strong they were with less than 2 minutes on the clock when they crossed over their first try of the evening. The Ospreys age grade side's early problems compounded further as the home side added the conversion.

The Scarlets were straight back on the attack from the restart, they put constant pressure on the Eyasses and eventually  they took advantage of a missed tackle to cross over for their second try. The difficult angle meant the Scarlets were unable to convert.

With ten minutes played, the Eyasses had still barely touched the ball and things weren't getting any easier for the visitors. The Scarlets made progress further up the field with every phase and their quick ball made it difficult for the young Ospreys to keep up. An unconverted try was their deserved reward and after 17 minutes it was 17 - 0.

A few minutes later the Eyasses were finally able to get on the scoreboard, James Davies putting the ball between the posts after the young Scarlets were penalised. From the restart the Ospreys Under 18's finally got some ball and a break by Kieran Williams saw them make it over the halfway line, but a knock on stopped their opportunities. Instead it was the home side that got onto the scoreboard next with a successful penalty kick.

Both sides had opportunities towards the end of the first half but knock ons consistently hampered their attacks. The Scarlets however showed their dominance again and used the rolling maul to make yards, eventually crossing the try line to claim the bonus point.

HT: Scarlets Under 18's 25 - 3 Ospreys Under 18's

The Eyasses started the second half looking much stronger than they had in the first 35 minutes., although knock ons were still causing problems for both sides. Bolstered by replacements Adam Nation and Jacob Blackmore, the Ospreys Under 18's launched their first serious attack of the whole game. They put pressure on the Scarlets and really put the home team on the back foot.

When the Scarlets centre was given a yellow card, the Eyasses were given the opportunity they had been hunting for and Gareth Thomas made it across for the visitors. James Davies  adding another 2 points with the conversion and it looked like they could be about to stage a miraculous comeback.

It was not to be however, despite their 1 man advantage the Eyasses went off the boil from the restart and instead allowed the Scarlets to attack. Still with 14 men, the home side used the rolling maul to their advantage yet again and soon crossed the try line for the fifth time. Even without the conversion, which went wide, they were clear of the young Ospreys by 20 points.

Knock on after knock on marred the next 10 minutes of play, both sides consistently making handling errors meaning nothing could get going. James Roberts made a fabulous break through the Scarlets defence before a knock on stopped yet another attack.

Unsurprisingly it was the Scarlets that got the final word in the match. After the Eyasses were penalised, they were put in the perfect position to pressure the visitors and soon managed to put the ball down for the 6th and final try. With no conversion the match ended:

Scarlets Under 18's 35 - 10 Ospreys Under 18's