Dragons South U16's 12 - 17 Ospreys West U16's

The Ospreys West side battled back from a twelve point deficit to claim the win in their first game of the season

As the teams settled into their first match of the season itwas a quiet start as they both found their feet in the game. It was with 17 minutes on the clock that home side, the Dragons South, managed to get the first points on the board with a converted try.

Buoyed by the try, the Dragons dominated the next few minutes and were swiftly rewarded with a second try. While this time it went unconverted it saw them go 12 points clear after 20 minutes.

The Ospreys South side were swift to retaliate and three minutes later they too got onto the scoreboard with an unconverted try as prop Alex Simms forced his way over the line. Despite some good play from both sides, no one could make the most of their opportunities and the game went into half time;

Dragons South U16's 12 - 5 Ospreys West U16's

Matching each other in both attack and defence, it proved difficult for either team to make an impact in the second half. The young Ospreys, with some good teamwork and individual performances, eventually just took the edge in the game. Tries from James Eynon and Ben Cambriani within two minutes of each other gave the Ospreys the lead and a conversion from Callum Carson brought the scoring to a close.

FT: Dragons South U16's 12 - 17 Ospreys West U16's