Disciplinary Decision – Ben John

Ben John faced a Disciplinary Hearing today and has been banned for two weeks.

A Disciplinary Panel convened in Dublin, Ireland this afternoon to consider the Citing Complaint lodged against Ben John (No 13) of Ospreys Rugby resulting from the Round 1 game versus Zebre Rugby Club on Saturday, September 2.

The complaint was for an act of foul play under Law 10.4 (e) – Dangerous Tackling. A player must not tackle an opponent whose feet are off the ground.

The player accepted the complaint against him, however, the Disciplinary Committee, Michael Coghlan (chair), Jennifer Donovan and George Spotswood (all Ireland), decided that the act of foul play should be adjudicated under Law 10.4 (i) – Tackling the Jumper in the Air. A player must not tackle nor tap, push or pull the foot or feet of an opponent jumping for the ball in a lineout or in open play.

The Panel deemed that that act of foul play was worthy of a red card.

The Panel also recognised that although the player made unlawful contact in the air, it was reckless but not intentional and therefore warranted a low-end sanction of four weeks.

However, given the circumstances of the incident; the behaviour of the player and his club throughout the hearing and his good disciplinary record, the Panel decided to apply a maximum rebate of 50 per cent and thus suspended the player a period of two weeks.

The player can return to play on Monday, September 18, 2017 and was reminded of his right to appeal.