Did you catch the Guy Mercer reveal?

Our followers on social media were the first to find out about new signing Guy Mercer earlier today after an innovative and eye-catching reveal on our official channels.

At 10am this morning, we posted the latest in our competition series of 'Who's That Osprey', with anyone who guessed correctly winning the standard prize of a pair of match tickets for a home game. Following on from the likes of Ben John, Hanno Dirksen and Brendon Leonard, the identity of the latest mystery Osprey would be straightforward, wouldn't it?


So far, so simple. Or so thought our followers who overwhelmingly guessed it was Scott Baldwin.


This is what we posted an hour later at 11am.


And there you have it - Guy is an Osprey and nobody guessed!

You can read the detail of Guy's loan move to the Ospreys here with this thoughts about the switch at this link now.