Cracknell hands over Dezrezlegal funds

Swansea based conveyancing company, Dezrezlegal, recently met with some of the young people who will benefit from money that it has fundraised, along with special guest Olly Cracknell.

Every year, staff at the SA1 based conveyancing company choose two charities – a national and local one – to fundraise money for. Staff then take part in a number of fun initiatives throughout the year. The most successful event in 2017 saw staff encouraged to bid on the most ‘horrendous thing’ that they could think of to generate funds - cue waxing the legs of the hairiest member of staff and car washing challenges.

The conveyancing company raised £750 which was split between homeless charity Crisis, and Swansea based charity SYSHP, an organisation which provides emotional and practical support such as accommodation to young people.

As Dezrezlegal has strong links with the Ospreys through sponsoring the team, it invited Olly Cracknell along to the event when the fundraised money was handed over to the charities. Meeting the sporting hero was a great opportunity for young Sophie Brett, who has been supported by SYSHP and who has also played sport internationally, taking part in the World Street Soccer championships. Sophie said: 

“SYSHP got me involved in the football and I’m so glad because it’s helped me massively. Having the opportunity to travel to places such as Germany and Oslo and play as part of a team isn’t something that I would previously have thought possible, but I’ve done it. I’m also about to start an apprenticeship placement with the World Rugby Union where I’ll be delivering training rugby sessions, so it’s been great to meet Olly today.”

The money raised by Dezrezlegal will be used by the SYSHP for an event that the young people supported by the charity choose. While the money raised by Crisis will form a valuable part of its donations that ensure the charity can help homeless people in the Swansea area.

Rebecca Griffiths Davies, who organised the fundraising efforts at Dezrezlegal said: 

“We had a great time fundraising the money, even if my colleague Jamie has only just recovered from his leg wax. But it’s even better to see where the money will be going. It spurs us on to do another good effort with the upcoming years fundraising, when we’ll be donating money to Maggies and the national Autistic Society.” 

Olly Cracknell added:

“I’ve enjoyed coming along today to meet some of the young people that Dezrezlegal’s fundraising will help. It’s also been good to talk to the charities about the sport that they encourage young people to get involved in. I know that growing up sport gave me confidence in other areas of my life, and it really instils values such as teamwork and respect in you.”