Coleg Llandrillo 15 - 5 Neath Port Talbot College

Despite a strong first half performance from NPTC, they were unable to claim a win in North Wales.


Strong wind and driving rain meant that both teams were facing a tough challenge as NPTC visited North Wales. The weather meant the game was fated to be a poor spectacle that would be demanding on both the players patience and ability to play the game. 

Despite a strong first half performance from the visitors, it was Llandrillo that successfully adapted their play to the conditions and a dominant second half ensured victory for the home side.

It was a quiet first quarter as both teams tried to get used to the conditions. The wind making kicks go backward more often than forward, and the rain causing numerous handling errors and knock ons.  

Neath Port Talbot got the first chance for points on the board after 4 minutes, but the wind sent the kick wide of the posts. Just 3 minutes later there was another attempt for NPTC as Llandrillo were penalised again but Dylan Francis' kick was sent wide of the posts for a second time.

NPTC came the close to getting over the try line first when a Llandrillo pass went wild and the visitors were able to chase it up field. Llandrillo made it back just in time to clear the ball but NPTC picked the ball up straight away and continued their offensive play. Despite strong charges by the visiting forwards Llandrillo's defence was impressive and held out the continued attack.

It was the home side however that got the first points of the game just a few minutes before the end of the first half. A huge kick and chase three quarters of the length of the field from Llandrillo left the NPTC  side unable to get back to defend their try line in time to stop the home side taking the lead. The conversion also went wide of the posts thanks to the wind but the home side led 5 - 0 at the break.

As the second half started it was apparent that the home side had really adapted their style of play to the conditions. With Neath Port Talbot still attempting unsuccessful long kicks and wide passes, Llandrillo kept their play tight within the forwards and proved to be much more dominant in the second half.

They started the second half with a sucessful penalty kick, before adding a converted try less than 10 minutes later as they easily overpowered the Neath Port Talbot defence.

NPTC did come back into the game and eventually got their own chance to test the home side's back line. They sent the ball across the field whilst trying to find a gap in the Llandrillo defensive line. Eventually their attacking play was rewarded as Jakob Blackmore finally crashed over the line for Neath Port Talbots first points. With Dylan Francis' kick again going wide it also proved to be the visitors only points of the game.

Further handling errors and penalisations stopped any further attempts to reach the try line for both sides and the game ended Coleg Llandrillo 15 - 5 Neath Port Talbot College.