Coaching Clinic for District Coaches

The Ospreys will be hosting a special coaching clinic this week exclusively for coaches currently operating within the District set-up in the region.

The Coach Development Department, recently named as the best in Wales by external awarding and verification body 1st4sport, will hold a clinic at the Ospreys Llandarcy Academy of Sport HQ on Tuesday 8th June, for Afan Nedd, Bridgend and Swansea District Coaches, commencing at 6.30pm.

Topic to be covered are scrummaging and the line-out and, with the session designed not only to show basic coaching techniques for these critical aspects of the game, but also to ensure that District Coaches prepare the players in their age groups to play the ‘Ospreys Way’.

This event is part of a integrated programme in place at the region to fully support the district sides and to aid in the production of the next generation of elite rugby players and coaches.

Elite Performance Director, Andrew Hore, said:

"We have worked extremely hard over the course of the 2009/10 season to strengthen our relationship with the District set-up because we value it so highly and see the excellent work being done as integral to the elite development pathway, be it players or coaches.

"It is with this in mind that we have invited all the District coaches in for this session, and it is the type of exercise we will repeat throughout the coming season. Just as we've managed to do with the players in the District squads, we also want the coaches to realise that they are now on the development pathway at the Ospreys and there are real opportunities for them to develop and climb the coaching ladder within our organisation.

"These sessions serve multiple purposes. Better coaches equal better players, so by allowing the coaches to develop further, they in turn will be able to help the young Ospreylians they work with to develop. Also, by creating an 'Ospreys way' which filters down through the Eyasses and into the Districts, it makes the next step for players or coaches that much easier as they understand what is expected of them already."

All District coaches are invited and further information can be obtained from Ospreys Coach Development Officer, Tony Thomas on