Club support scheme aiming to help grow

As they continue to work towards growing the number of people playing rugby within Ospreylia, the Community Development team have launched a new support scheme for clubs that will see them working even closer with the 76 clubs across the region.


Following on from the outstanding work carried out by the Development Officers throughout last season that saw them assist 20 clubs to increase the player numbers in their junior sections, the new support scheme will reward pro-active clubs in a number of ways, and will see the team working with local schools to drive new players to the clubs.

To assist in the delivery of the scheme, all clubs in the region are being asked to register with WRU/Ospreys Regional Development Manager Ben Rose, providing details of the best club contacts at each age-grade level, ensuring that when Development Officers are able to identify suitable new playing recruits on their school visits they are able to ensure the young players are directed to the correct person when interested in taking up club rugby.

Once registered, all coaches will be put on the Ospreys coach database and invited to WRU/Ospreys coaching seminars, while the club will receive a number of benefits, including special events aimed at developing existing coaches operating with the club, priority access for player appearances to help recruit players and develop the club, access to special Ospreys ticketing promotions and the opportunity to become involved in half-time tag events or the guard of honour at forthcoming Ospreys matches.

Ben Rose explained the thinking behind the new support scheme, saying:

“This initiative will be an ongoing, continuous one, and is extremely important in a number of ways. Understandably given the voluntary nature of the work involved at community rugby clubs, there is a high turnover of coaches and admin support. If we want to provide the best possible support to these clubs in order to help them develop and to grow the game in Ospreylia, we need to know who is involved, who has what responsibilities, and what assistance they need.

“It’s about improving the service we give them, and if we have the right information, then not only can we do that, we can work with them in a number of other ways that will give added value to our relationship.

“We are extremely proud of the huge amount of work we do in the community, and of the strong relationships that we have with our clubs, and this can only help to make them even better. By working with the clubs, building relationships, and rewarding those who are proactive and want to work with us, then everyone can benefit.”

If you are involved with a local club and require further information on the support scheme, please contact Ben Rose, either via email at or by calling 07584 488298.