Bridgend College 8 - 10 Llandovery College

In a tight game a penalty given away at the start of the match ultimately proved costly to Bridgend

In agame where both sides often found themselves penalised by the referee it was an early decision to kick for the posts by the visitors that proved to be the only difference between the two teams.

It was a good start to the match for Bridgend College, early dominance in the scrum allowed them to charge the Llandovery line before a knock on stopped them in their tracks. More attempts to the try line followed however they couldn't make the most of it and instead it was Llandovery who ended up with the first points of the game. When Bridgend were penalised just outside their own 22 the visitors opted to go for the posts, a rare occurrence since the points system changes, and a successful kick from the Llandovery fly half saw them take a 2 - 0 lead after 8 minutes.

The early score seemed to boost Llandovery and they started to take control of the game. Within a minute of the restart the visitors had pushed through the Bridgend defence to throw themselves over the try line, luckily for the home team their last pass was forward so there was no try.

 Bridgend weren't so lucky a few minutes later though as the visitors managed to break up the wing. While they couldn't power through the Bridgend defence in close contact, the visitors managed to pass the ball out wide quickly and take advantage of an overlap to score a then converted try.

 With the ball in hand Bridgend started to look strong, running the ball at their opponents and getting closer to the try line with every phase. Handling errors then cost the home team as they knocked on as they crossed the line. They were soon back in a dangerous position but struggled to find the gap in the strong Llandovery back line and were turned over within feet of the try line.

As the first half drew to a close Bridgend were left defending hard as Llandovery repeated attacked. Their quick passing and pace had them in a dangerous position on several occasions but the home side made some superb tackles and successfully held them out.

 HT: Bridgend College 0 - 10 Llandovery College

 Bridgend looked much feistier as they started the second half. Within minutes they were powering up field before another knock on close to the line cost them the chance. However with some improved passing they soon found another gap to slip through. Within feet of the try line one of the visiting team deliberately knock on and Bridgend were awarded a penalty try. The new rules of the league meaning a straight 8 points with no need to attempt the conversion.

The home side looked like they would take the lead soon after their try when a great charge down and chip allowed them to race up field. Unfortunately Llandovery managed to just beat them to the ball as it bounced over the try line and were able to ground it themselves.

 Powerful play from the home team and repeated infringements by the Llandovery squad soon had Bridgend back in the red zone and trying to power over the try line but another knock on stopped them in their tracks.

With 8 minutes of the match remaining, Llandovery went down to 14 men as their 13 received a yellow card and it looked like Bridgend would finally be able to overpower their visitors. However despite their one man deficit Llandovery improved in attack and got their first real chance of the second half coming within feet of the try line before the Bridgend defence kicked in.

Even when the home side got the ball back in hand they couldn't use their advantage and despite repeated efforts the Llandovery defence and their own handling errors cost them and the match ended:

Bridgend College 8 - 10 Llandovery College

Yesterday Gower College Swansea faced Cardiff and Vale College away and the game will be shown on Rygbi Pawb on S4C tonight (Wednesday 7th October) at 11pm.

Neath Port Talbot College were not in action this week but will be looking for their first win of the season next Wednesday as they host Newport High School.