Bowe cleared to play in Viadana return

An independent Disciplinary Hearing in Dublin has cleared Tommy Bowe to face Viadana at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Bowe appeared at the hearing as a result of a citing arising from the Heineken Cup Pool 3 match against Viadana at Stadio Giglio, Emilio Reggio on Saturday, 12 December, 2009.

The citing lodged by the Citing Commissioner for the match, Iain Goodall (Scotland), was for lifting a Player from the ground and either dropping or driving that Player's head and/or upper body first into the ground whilst the Player's feet are off the Ground on Viadana wing Kaine Robertson (No 14) in contravention of Law 10.4 (i).

After considering the evidence, the independent Judicial Officer, HH Judge Jeff Blackett (England), determined than although the player had committed an act of foul play (so that the citing was upheld), the act of foul play had not warranted a red card. Accordingly the player is free to play.