Bite-size press conference

A round-up of the headlines from Tuesday’s press conference at Llandarcy Academy of Sport as Brad Davis looked ahead to Friday night’s game against Connacht at Morganstone Brewery Field

Here’s what Brad had to say about:

Bradley Davies’ Injury:

  • We haven’t found out the full details, but obviously he has been released by the national squad. He’s got to go through a further examination of his knee, so we’ll know more information about that at the back-end of the week when he’s had his scan.
  • It’s disappointing for him to not have the opportunity to represent his country in the Autumns, but if there is problem, it’s better for it to be sorted sooner rather than later.
  • He’s built into the season really well, he’s the type of player that the more game-time he gets, the better he becomes. He’s continuously improving with age, as opposed to it being more difficult for him.



  • Dan Evans has taken part in a training session this week, so we’ll see how he goes in this afternoon’s session. We’re hoping that he’ll come through alright and will be available for selection.
  • Dan Lydiate is still with the national guys at the moment, so we’ll know more about him at the back-end of the week. But whether he gets released or not, we’ve just got to prepare with the numbers we have available to us right at this time.
  • The physicality Dan gives on the field is second to none but it’s the things that he does that you guys can’t see, the things in and around the environment itself, he’s a good leader. The boys, when they are out on the field, get a lot of confidence from him being out there, he’s got a very positive presence. He’s a big learner of the game, he wants to keep learning and continuously become a better player. One of the skills that he has acquired over the last 18 months, is that he has got a really good leadership style, and it’s one that the boys really respect.


Worcester Game: 

  • During the back-end of the game, we had four players in the back-line under twenty years of age. Those guys are getting some valuable experience in the European competition against a pretty-handy Premiership side.
  • We understand where we are as a club in terms of trying to develop depth within our squad. The only way players can develop their depth is by playing rugby games against good teams, whether that is in the European competition, or in the Guinness PRO14. Those young players will be better for that experience, and it hopefully will improve the competitiveness of our squad.
  • Looking at the previous two games, we’ve taken six points out of it, which still sets us up well in the group to have a strike at Stade Francais when those back-to-back games come around.



  • We could potentially be playing a Connacht team that is fully loaded, which will be a huge test for us. However, it’s a home-game for us, obviously this week we are taking it to the Brewery Field, and we are proud of our home-form, so we have something to defend there. This next fortnight is going to be huge for us.
  • I’ve been very impressed with Connacht, they’ve got some real strike players, and they are playing a very attractive brand of rugby. They’ve been a little bit more pragmatic in the way they approach a game, and I’ve been impressed with how the new coach has come in and put his mark on the club. We’ve got a pretty good home record so far this year, and its going to be a really evenly pitched battle. We’re trying to pick our best team to try and get the result, but this is still to be decided.
  • I’m really looking forward personally. The crowd are right on top of you, so that should create a great atmosphere, especially on a Friday night with a good forecast, if everyone comes down to support the team. Obviously the difference to the Liberty is the size, but I think this could be a real advantage for us come Friday night.


Tackle Line: 

  • I’m not struggling to adjust our tackling height in terms of our training. It’s always difficult in game situations where some people have good feet, or the ball carriers dropping his height or he’s slipping; there’s always going to be an element where accidents are going to happen. Its up to us to minimize the amounts of times that does happen.
  • Our tackle height is underneath the ribs, and one slightly lower. Occasionally we get that wrong, but we never go into a game with that intent that we are going to tackle high.
  • What I would like to see is the referees having empathy for certain situations, and looking at the intent as well as the outcome. There is a responsibility for the defenders to adjust their height, but I would like a bit more empathy and a bit more focus put on the intent of the tackler, whether it was deliberate or whether the height has occurred through the forces of nature. I really don’t believe that one application of the law fits every scenario.
  • I don’t think up to this point we’ve had a sinbinning for a high tackle so far this season. Our application of our technique is sound, but I think we are at as much risk as any other club of having a sinbinning. We have to try and apply all our techniques to game situations, and then hopefully we don’t get caught in those situations.