Ask The Ref

WRU referee James Jones answers your questions about rugby law and interpretation

Welcome to another season of 'Ask the Ref'. The emphasis placed on new directives, particularly in the contact area, should see some healthy debate this year.


Player A kicks the ball behind Player B who turns and chases after the ball. Player B slides to the floor and grabs the ball. Does Player A have to let Player B get back up or can he jackle for the ball?


In answer to your question there is a common 'myth' that player A has to let player B regain their feet.  However this is not the case.  As player B has voluntarily gone to ground there is no tackle here.  As such so long as player A remains on their feet, they can play the ball / take the ball from player B's possession legally; they can also do so from any direction as there is no tackle in this instance.

Please keep your questions coming as they can be of great benefit to a number of other coaches and players as well as to some inexperienced referees.