Any Late Developers On Show?

Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at Ystradgynlais RFC the Young Osprey under 16 team will take on a combined districts team from within the Ospreys Region. This fixture will help Head Coach Alex Evans identify any late developers within the Region.

Already this season a round robin of fixtures have been played in order to identify the players and Rhys Ruddock's (picture) team will be severly tested by an ambitious group of players. Bridgend won both of their fixtures with the other districts and it is their team who go on to represent the Osprey Region in an the All Wales semi finals. Therefore it is not surprising that the district squad is dominated by Bridgend based players.

Young Ospreys Under 16's Districts

15   Rhys Jones (Bridgend)

14   Lewis Morgan (Bridgend)

13   Kristian Jenkins (Bridgend)

12   James Olds (Bridgend)

11   Hywel Thomas (Afan Nedd)

10  Craig Baker (Bridgend)

9    Tom Davies (Bridgend)

1   Mathew Jones (Bridgend)

2   Craig Tennant (Afan Nedd)

3   Terry Saunders (Bridgend)

4   Adam Evans (Bridgend)

5   Dylan Lougher (Afan Nedd)

6    Luke Wooton (Bridgend)

7   Sam Bateman ( Swansea)

8   Dafydd Hopkins (Afan Nedd)


16 Tom Jenkins (Afan Nedd)

17 David Bishop (Bridgend)

18 Ben Thomas (Bridgend)

19 Adam D"€™Adamo (Bridgend)

20 David Povey (Bridgend)

21 Jordan Grigg ( Swansea)

22 Morgan Evans ( Swansea)

23 Jamie Williams ( Swansea)

 Under Evans and his assistants Dave Jones and Paul Yardley the Young Osprey team has developed as the season has gone on and, in their last fixture they were comfortable winners over the Blues South. Nevertheless all players will realise the need to perform to the highest standards if they are to retain their place in the squad. 

Young Ospreys Under 16's  

15   Chad Punchard

14    Eli Walker

13    Shane Davies

12    Luke Yardley

11    Liam Powell        

10   Craig Davies                   

9      Haydn Williams              

1      Luke Myatt         

2      Mathew Wedlake           

3      Leam Williams    

4      Ashley Berrow    

5      Morgan Evans

6      Gethin Jones

7      Shaun Hurford

8     Rhys Ruddock   (Capt)


16   Deeke Morse       

17    Chris Banfield    

18    Ryan Jones

19   Will Taylor          

20   Gareth Harvey    

21    Aled Thomas

22     Scott Hicks