What is TACKLE?

TACKLE is an employability programme specifically designed to work with disaffected young people, aged between 12-24, who are disconnected with school, employment or education, TACKLE’s main aim has been to create a better future for young people facing tough challenges giving them the opportunity to gain qualification and employability experience.

It links sport, education and business to develop employability skills to enhance future aspirations and potential via training, workshops and work placements.

A key to the programme’s success has come in the form of funding from the National Lottery Community Fund. The team have been able to develop their programme to work with a greater number of disengaged individuals, and more importantly keep them engaged for longer.

Learners who have taken part in the programme have applauded their experiences, commenting:

TACKLE learner
“I would say Tackle has made me feel like I could do a lot more, made me see that I could be what I want to be, if I just put enough hard work into it. Nothing just comes to you on a silver plate. You need to go out there and get it”.

Others have gone onto praise how the programme has improved their self-confidence and changed their outlook on their education and the future:

TACKLE learner
“It’s just pushed me to do things that I wouldn’t have done or even thought about.”
TACKLE learner
“My favourite part would be like knowing and finding out more about me. I’ve done stuff that I didn’t know I was even capable of doing.”

We have a number of engaging workshop with topics including:

Self-esteem, leadership, skills and abilities, health fitness and diet, workplace behaviour, interview preparation, CV workshops, numeracy, communication, literacy, starting your own business and many more. 

Adding to these workshops we include guest speakers, work place visits, volunteering in the community, qualifications and more. We believe that these are instrumental for the success of the programme.

The programmes are about ‘opening the eyes’ of each learner to the opportunities within the Ospreys region, no matter their interests, and is in no way focused on rugby or sport. We can obviously do a lot with individuals who wish to pursue this career however we also work closely with partners ranging from BT, DVLA, Morganstone, TUI, Swansea University, NPTC and more.

There are three distinct strands to TACKLE, the schools programme for 12-16 year olds, a traineeship programme working with 16-18 year olds not in education, training or employment and an employability programme aimed at 18-24 year olds, similarly not education, training or employment.

For more information, contact dorian.evans@ospreysrugby.com