Season Tickets On Sale From Monday 4th June

We can confirm, as previously planned, that season ticket applications & renewals will be received by our ticket office from 10am on Monday morning.

We have already received well in excess of 100 applications by post, but for those of you waiting to renew in person, our ticket office will be open from 10am on Monday 4th June.   Please bear in mind that for those of you renewing seats, your seats are safely on hold until the 30th June, after which they will be released for general sale.  For all those wishing to purchase a season ticket for the first time, you're welcome to submit your application on or after Monday as well.  Ticket office staff will be able to advise as to best seating currently available via screen seat-mapping.  Unfortunately, we will NOT be running stadium tours this season.   In answer to some frequent queries that we are receiving, we've outlined some information that may answer any questions YOU may have:
  1. Many of those who are looking to renew their seat this season are asking in which category their seat is now situated.  We do have a clearer seating map on our tickets page for your consultation, but as a simple rule of thumb, if you were formerly in category B, you are now situated in category C.  Also, last season's two outer category A blocks in the upper East Stand, are now Category B.  The position of the family stands remains exactly the same.
  2. As per last season, except for families, we do not have season tickets available in our West Stand.  Given the success of concentrating our support in the East Stand last season, we have decided to adopt the same plan again this season.
  3. You will notice that we ARE now offering concessions in Category A.  For many of you, this will present a considerable saving over last season.
Half Season Tickets A few of you have written to query our decision of dropping the half-season ticket this coming season.  As we've indicated on our letter to you, we were very surprised by the small level of interest shown last season (only 137 of you purchased this type of ticket, out of a total of 4053 season tickets).  As such, on the administrative level, we felt it was disproportionately demanding.  We have instead launched our Ospreys Membership.  For those purchasing a full season ticket, this membership is automatically included.  For those of you unlikely to attend all of our games, this membership (at a cost of £25) will entitle you to 10% discount on all match tickets, 10% discount on all merchandise purchased at our club shop, plus the added flexibility of not being tied to attend exactly 8 games in the season to make it financially beneficial.   Please also bear in mind that we will be endeavoring, over the course of the next season, to begin membership travel packages for both home games, but also for some of our away games.  As a member, we will be sure to keep you in the loop with all travel initiatives as they arise (this accounts for our request for your email addresses - which facilitates instant & easy communication).  Membership will also automatically enter you into any draw of international tickets we receive allocations for.  We trust that this clears up any questions you may have regarding this coming season's ticket packages.  Should you wish to contact us regarding anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us either by email (, or by telephone on 0870 990 9175. We look forward to your support again this coming season! The Ospreys