Perimeter / LED Advertising

There are various opportunities available at Ospreys Rugby for local, national and global companies alike to become part of the action at Liberty Stadium...

All packages give you a prime ABC1 audience to market your products or services within the stadium and also via other Ospreys commercial platforms.

Perimeter Advertising Boards available:

  • Static Perimeter Boards | TV Arc
  • Static Perimeter Boards | Non TV Arc
  • Static Perimeter Boards Crowd Facing

Choose from television or crowd facing boards according to your particular communication target. Crowd facing boards are a very cost effective way for local businesses to reach the local customers and our impressive TV statistics will guarantee a great return on investment for anyone targeting a wider audience. With prices as low as just £33 per match, there's never been a better time to invest.

LED Perimeter Advertising

LED Perimeter Boards are a highly flexible, high impact form of match day advertising. They are the 'Rolls Royce' product where logos, website addresses and messages are seen on all boards at once with eye-catching clarity.

You can directly address potential customers with personalised adverts using LED advertising. UK companies can benefit from advertising and reaching viewers on our terrestrial and satellite TV carriers and multinational companies can reach millions of viewers.

You can also send millions of customers to your website with perimeter stadium advertising because the measurement of a customer direct response to seeing a perimeter advert is possible by using a unique phone numbers, SMS messages and uique landing pages on websites.

LED advertising is sold on a per-munite basis across the season for all matches. If one minute of advertising is purchased, the advertising will be guaranteed for all home matches across all competitions.

For more information, contact:
Wayne Hall
Sales Manager
Tel: 01792 616514