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My Week With The Ospreys - By Anais Morgan

By - | 28/05/2009

Last week saw the Ospreys office welcome Anais Morgan on a unique one-off work experience week. Anais had only recently enjoyed one of our Easter Holiday Camps, and was keen to get even MORE involved with life at the Ospreys... here's her story...

Last week saw the Ospreys office welcome Anais Morgan on a unique one-off work experience week.   Anais had only recently enjoyed one of our Easter Holiday Camps (see photo), and was keen to get even MORE involved with life at the Ospreys.  Though Ospreys Rugby generally are unable to accommodate requests for work experience, it was decided on this occasion that we'd make an exception!   Here's Anais' story... "My Week with the Ospreys

For my work experience I decided I wanted to go into the Ospreys to do physiotherapy, as I am very much interested in sport, mainly rugby, and I would love to pursue a career in it. Unfortunately for me, the week I was meant to be doing my work experience was at the end of the season and there wasn't much going on. So, instead I was sent to the Ospreys office to see what goes on behind the scenes.

In all honesty, at first I was a bit put down at this because I don't really think I'm much of an office worker - let's just say that "I'm a doer not a sitter." To add to that, I.T was never my best subject either!  But, I thought I would give it a try anyway.

I was really nervous when I first got here, because I thought that they'd throw me straight in the deep end and have me doing all sorts of confusing work, and that I wouldn't know how to do.  I was worried that I'd mess something up and end up costing the Ospreys lots of time, or even money!  But, I was pleasantly surprised and I've really enjoyed my week here at the Ospreys.

I've done all sorts of things working at the office, from shredding paper and sorting out the post to answering phones and helping people where to go, whilst working at reception. Everyone welcomed me and they've all been happy to help if I was ever stuck on anything.

I got the chance to see how everything was run, for example I saw people doing things like contacting sponsors and making new applications for the website. I was also able to see all the people that the Ospreys had helped by giving donations for people to auction or raffle, in order to raise funds for very worthy charities.

Working in the office has widened my skills and I think it will help me in the future for getting jobs as I've learnt how to use the fax machine, the laminator, the paper shredder, the scanner and software on the computer I had not used before. I also learnt how to answer the phones, which was very scary at first but I got used to it in the end.

One of the best parts of my week was meeting Paul Thorburn and Rhodri Wells! I'm a very big rugby fan, so getting the chance to meet and talk to them was quite exciting for me. Everyday when I get home my father wants to know every detail of my day. Personally, I think if he had half a chance he would be here too! As he is a very big Ospreys fan as well. I also met Roberto Martinez, I'm not much of a football fan, but it was definitely an experience ill remember.

I have found it very interesting working in the office, and I've had the chance to see things only a handful of people do, so I am very grateful to all of the people who have helped me and given me this chance. Thank you to all of the people at the Ospreys and the Liberty Stadium for giving a great week that I'll remember and Good luck to the Ospreys for the Lions and U.S.A and Canada Tour and for next Season."

Anais Morgan.

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