Sunflower Epic

Sporting Memories tallest sunflower competition winners

We may not have had the best of Summer's, but that hasn't stopped our Sporting Memories groups from getting out into the garden for some green thumbed fun.

Helen John, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator
"It's been a difficult time for everyone but we realise how important it is that all our attendees try to remain as active as they can."

Coming up with new ways to keep her groups engaged, Helen sent sunflower seeds to her members to start a bit of healthy competition during lockdown. Sending regular updates on how everyone's sunflowers were doing kept enthusiasm high and everyone engaged as they battled to be crowned the best sunflower gardener.

"It's been so important throughout lockdown to keep our participants moving. Encouraging them to get outside and tend to their sunflowers has been the perfect way to do this. It's been a difficult time for everyone but we realise how important it is that all our attendees try to remain as active as they can. We've had so many entries and are so grateful for everyone getting involved." she said
The winners in the overall tallest sunflower competition are Pat Brown and Gordon Richards who attend our Neath RFC Sporting Memories Group with their sunflower topping 9ft 3inches, this was closely followed by Keith and Mary Watkins from Swansea RFC group who's sunflower was 8ft tall.   There was also prizes for the biggest leaf which was won by Lynn Williams and Lynda Watkin from Dunvant RFC Group and the largest flower was won by Mary and Keith Watkins from our Swansea RFC Group.
As well as their sunflower competition, members show their competitive side in friendly games of Family Fortunes and Catchphrase over weekly Zoom calls whilst also reminiscing over past games and watching re-runs of classics. The groups are still working on their ten-pin bowling, stretching and target throwing games with paper aeroplanes to keep their physical activity going. Our Sporting Memories sessions are designed to help re-live positive memories and provide joy and companionship. If you or someone you know would like to get involved and join us during these unprecedented times, register your interest here or contact for more information."

Sunflower 1
Winners Pat Brown and Gordon Richards
Sunflower 2
Keith Watkins with his 8ft sunflower