Our Shared Value Model


Be part of something special; an organisation built on values, with a clear purpose in its region, and a history of success. Be part of the community, part of our match day and let us offer your business the platform for success. Here at the Ospreys, we put the needs of your business at the heart and center of our commercial proposition. We are proud to have the largest social footprint of Wales, reaching over 250,000 users, and a database of over 100,000 fans. We produce unique content with huge engagements. We have a stadium that hosts the largest rugby derbies, and over 2,000 spaces in Hospitality. And we engage over 450,000 eyeballs on TV for our games. With a reach across Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and South Africa and the heartland of Wales, we are the vehicle to support and grow your business.

And we do all of this through our shared values model. Together we develop partnerships which use the strengths of us and you to create a relationship that is powerful. From local activation, hospitality through to social campaigns and co content creation, reach out to us so we can develop a partnership plan that meets your needs and supports your growth plans.


Shared Value Model