Other Advertising

These are extra visibility opportunities which are extremely effective for brand awareness and brand association and particularly well suited to sport and or IT related products and services.

Players Seat Branding

One exciting addition to the products range is the branded seating in the players and coaches box pitchside. We can offer the sponsor the opportunity for a high-end very close team association with great visibility statistics throughout the season. These premium products are considered ‘active’ products, as they are pictured regularly on screen throughout a match with the players also on screen.

Ospreys TV Advertising

Short TV advertisements or promotional video messages which automatically commence at the start of every video clicked on the Ospreys website - www.ospreysrugby.com/tv The quantity and quality of Ospreys TV content continues to increase with professional match previews and press conferences providing exclusive off the field content not available anywhere else.

This is a massive new opportunity for your business to get out into the public arena, have a close association to the first team, and sponsor all the latest news, information, links and important stories across the 2014-15 season. Ospreys Rugby can also help with content design and planning of your advertisement to ensure optimisation of your promotional messages.

Product Placement

We have opportunities for products and items to appear in core Ospreys content. Whether it's a sponsored mug during our Press Releases, sports drinks in the coaches gantry during match days or even vinyl cars in the front of OspreysTV videos, we can make it happen.

For more information, contact the Commercial Team:

Email: commercial@ospreysrugby.com
Tel: 01792 616514