LED Mega Screens

To rugby fans, the game is about excitement, power, respect and passion. Rugby is the greatest family-friendly sport in the world, and is one of the best ways for you to expose your brand to the world.

Rugby fans will be receptive to your brand’s message, both in the Liberty Stadium and broadcast on live TV. LED Mega Screen and perimeter advertising has a proven track record of delivering high impact campaigns and benefits to your brand response.

Why LED Advertising is so good

LED Mega Screen adverts during Rugby matches are proven to be a more effective means of advertising than traditional static boards:

  • Brighter, Bigger, Faster, Better
  • Video & Motion - more potential to create high quality ads
  • Big brand ethos and modern technology kudos
  • Higher rate of response to adverts
  • Call-to-actions linked to social media and text platforms
  • High ‘frequency’ of viewer attention across a match
Your options include:

  • Scoreboard Sponsor
  • Man of the Match
  • Birthday Sponsor
  • Attendance Sponsor
  • Time Sponsor
  • Try Sponsor
  • Conversion Sponsor
  • Sin Bin Sponsor
  • Individual Player profile Sponsorship

For more information, contact the Commercial Team:

Email: commercial@ospreysrugby.com
Tel: 01792 616514