TROSIAD (Conversion) is a Welsh language programme in which Ospreys in the Community staff deliver a series of rugby sessions using, and teaching, basic Welsh language words and phrases to non-Welsh speaking children.

The Project

Ospreys in the Community have designed a series of rugby sessions where they deliver a range of skills and games that incorporate using basic Welsh language and phrases. The aim is help teach the children Welsh and to encourage them to be more confident in using it outside of the classroom.

The weekly sessions are split into the following themes:

Week 1: Numbers and Colours
Week 2: Shapes and Directions
Week 3: Basic Instruction, Questioning and Rugby Language.
Week 4: Combination of Weeks 1, 2 & 3 for retention.

In order to support the continued retention of the Welsh language that was delivered, we created a series of flashcards and posters for teachers, volunteers and parents to continue the work away from our direct contact.


Want more information?
Please contact Dorian Evans – or 01792 616500.