Other Advertising


  •     Coaching Box Backdrop for TV
  •     Matchday Computer Lids for TV
  •     Coaching Box Branded Seating for TV

These are 'extra' visibility opportunities which are extremely effective for brand awareness and brand association and particularly well suited to sport and or IT related products and services.

We can provide itemised independent reports* for clients on minutes achieved across the season in order to quantify the audience and the media value of your investment.

One exciting addition to the products range is the branded seating in the players and coaches box pitchside. We can offer the sponsor the opportunity for a high-end very close team association with great visibility statistics throughout the season. This premium product is considered an 'active' product, as it is regularly pictured on screen throughout a match with the players also on screen.

* See Repucom Rugby 24 report information

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Wayne Hall
Sales Manager
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