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OitC set to tackle Sporting Memories

By Tiffany Jones | 21/09/2019

The Ospreys in the Community team are all set to launch a brand-new, exciting project with Sporting Memories.

The project will look to establish a programme of reminiscence groups, specifically targeted at an ageing population, those living with dementia, their carers as well as those struggling with depression, loneliness and social exclusion. The project aims to bring people together in a safe and comfortable environment to share memories and connect with people in similar situations in the hope of improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

Using the power of sport, the team will utilise the Ospreys brand and the rich history of Welsh sport to attract a wider appeal and targeting those with an appreciation of sport.

Sporting memories can last a lifetime, it could be a game they once played in, a great match or memorable sports star from the past. The hopes are, once a sporting memory is sparked, the project will help lead someone towards participating in a physical activity.

As part of the project, Ospreys in the Community will work closely with local rugby clubs, to provide the friendly welcoming club environment for individuals to come along for a chat, meet new friends and participate in some of the activities on offer.

Clubs will take place bi-weekly in a friendly, welcoming environment within local communities that are open to all. Whilst using sporting memories as the tool, those attending groups will then be encouraged to take part in a wide and diverse programme of wellbeing activities. As well as conversing about their sporting memories, memorabilia from the past will also play a huge part in the programme.

To help ensure clubs are sustainable, a volunteer recruitment programme will be put in place ensuring we have a clear intergenerational element to the programme.  Volunteers will play a vital role in the delivery of these clubs and will be able to access a programme of training, support and mentoring as well as a rewards programme. The project really values the work of volunteers and aims to reward those who give up their time to ensure the success of the programme.

  • 850,000 people live with Dementia in the UK
  • Over 1,000,000 older people say TV is their only form of company. Loneliness affects almost 9,000,000 people in the UK
  • Men over the age of 65 are the most likely to complete a suicide attempt.

Reconnecting people to the game they love, staying connecting to friends and sharing memories of your first game is vital to our physical and mental health. To register your interest in the programme or to volunteer fill in the form here.

About the foundation

The Sporting Memories Foundation is the World's first charity dedicated to Sports Reminiscence & Physical Activities. This September is world Alzheimer’s Month and Saturday marks World Alzheimer’s Day, clubs and players across Wales are supporting the Memories Weekend.

The Sporting Memories project supports older people living with dementia, depression and loneliness by engaging them in social activities and helping them to recall memories of watching or playing sport. By sharing memories, such as recalling #MyFirstGame and tapping into a passion for sport the project helps people to connect with others and with their past, reawakening positive thoughts and feelings that otherwise remain hidden away.

The project partners delivering this ground breaking approach in Wales include Cardiff City FC Foundation, College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University, Derwen (Housing Association), Glamorgan County Cricket Club and Cricket Wales, Ospreys in the Community, Sporting Memories Network CIC, Swansea Council, Vi-Ability and The Pollen Shop.


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